Elite Preparedness 3 Gun League

This league runs for 10 weeks.  Participants will shoot a different three gun course each week. With a walk-through prior to competition. Shooters will be scored on time and target neutralization. Shooters will be ranked by their performance each week and a regular season and season ending tournament champion will be recognized. Week ten will be our tournament ( which will be held on a Saturday) Shooters will be seeded based on regular season ranking. To be eligible for the tournament the shooters must have made five of the regular season shoots. SHOOTERS MUST BE ABLE TO SAFELY JOG/RUN WITH A LOADED FIREARM AND SHOOT FROM MULTIPLE POSITIONS. Proper attire required for tactical shooting.

To compete you must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult if you are under 18.

Shooters will need a shotgun, shotshell and slugs, a semi-automatic centerfire rifle under .308 caliber and a pistol .45 caliber and below (NO RIM FIRE).

This is a safe, fun, relaxed environment to learn and grow your three gun skills while enjoying one of the fastest growing formats for firearms competition.  Rules will follow U.M.L guidelines.  No Steel Core Ammo.  Spectators are welcome.

Cost is $100 or $15 weekly.  

This league begins the first week of May 2021.  Please contact Elite Preparedness at 740-668-2194, or email at elitepreparedness@gmail.com for more information.

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Monday 11AM-7PM

Tuesday 11AM-7PM

Wednesday. Appointment Only

Thursday 11AM-7PM

Friday 11AM-7PM

Saturday 10AM-5PM

Sunday 12PM-5PM 

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