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Edged Weapons Operator Level 1

Fundamantals of Edged Weapons

  • Starts Aug 17
  • 100 US dollars
  • 25580 Bell Church rd

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LEVEL 1 1. Introduction to Edged Weapons - Understanding the significance of edged weapons in self-defense and combat. - Types of edged weapons (knives, daggers, etc.). - Legal considerations and responsibilities. 2. Knife Handling Basics - Grip techniques: hammer grip, ice pick grip, reverse grip. - Drawing and sheathing the knife efficiently. - Stance and footwork for optimal control. 3. Defensive Techniques - Blocking and parrying with the blade. - Escaping holds and disarming opponents. - Creating distance and maintaining situational awareness. 4. Offensive Techniques - Target areas: vital points and vulnerable spots. - Slashing, thrusting, and combination attacks. - Knife fighting drills and scenarios. 5. Tactical Deployment - Concealed carry methods. - Quick deployment under stress. - Transitioning between empty-hand and knife techniques. 6. Sparring and Simulations - Controlled sparring sessions with protective gear. - Realistic scenarios: defending against multiple attackers, confined spaces, etc. - Decision-making under pressure. 7. First Aid and Aftermath - Treating knife wounds and understanding bleeding control. - Legal implications after a defensive use of an edged weapon.

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  • 25580 Bell Church rd, Utica, US-OH 43080, USA

    +null 7402631234

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