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Elite Preparedness is the premier location for all of your firearms related needs and activities. Founded in 2016 by Brian and Hillary Hess to meet a growing need for firearms and overall preparedness resources Elite has it all! From indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, a brick and mortar retail store, an online superstore, A wide variety of training opportunities delivered by highly experienced and qualified instructors from shooting leagues, youth and women’s program to gunsmithing and archery services. We focus on delivering the highest level services in a welcoming family type environment. You will quickly feel at home out here and with our focus on safety you will be comfortable in our ranges. Contact us today at 740-668-2194 or

Classes available: August 14th, September 25th, 
October 4th & 18th

Steel League Starts August 5th

Cowboy Action Shoot August 28th
Crucible Competition September 4th

Defensive Handgun Course September 

There are five stages which can be competed on with a five person team or you can sign up as a free agent and indicate which stage(s) you are comfortable in competing in and teams will be organized from that list to complete rosters or to create an entire five person team.

Stage 1 is the handgun stage, the competitor in this leg must swim 80 yards and then run 100 yards to the outdoor pistol bay where their handgun will be staged. They will then engage 6 targets on a dueling tree before showing clear and the team member can take off for their leg of the event (note, new this year the handgun must be center fire 9mm or larger)

Stage 2 is the long distance rifle portion. The competitor must run 400 meters uphill to the shooting station and complete 1 hit on a 300 yard target before their teammate can take off for the third leg.

Stage 3 is the rim fire rifle stage. The competitor leaves when the rifle stage is clear and runs 400 meters to a platform stand and engages multiple targets from the elevated position. once the gun is safe the competitor can return to the ground and secure the weapon before the next competitor leaves for the fourth leg

Stage 4 is the shotgun stage which is a 400 meter run beginning with a steep downhill followed by a steep uphill and one more downhill before arriving at your shooting station where you must get a complete rotation from a spinner target. once the spinner makes one revolution the competitor secures their firearm so the 5th leg competitor can begin their stage.

Stage 5 is the Archery Stage where the competitor runs 400 meters to the back porch of Elite Preparedness and engages a target at 30 yards with 3 arrows.

The overall team time is stopped when the archer hangs up their bow. scores are based on proper completion of the stage and overall time. teams can have time taken off of their overall with accurate archery bulls-eyes.

Now the important part.... All proceeds from this event will go to The American Patriots Organization. This is a non-profit that supports current and former military and current or retired law enforcement and their families.

To sign up click on BOOK ONLINE at the top of the page then click on CRUCIBLE or email us at

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