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Preparing communities, workplaces, individuals and families for any event that may occur in the climate of today’s America

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Elite Preparedness is the premier location for all of your firearms related needs and activities. Founded in 2016 by Brian and Hillary Hess to meet a growing need for firearms and overall preparedness resources Elite has it all! From indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, a brick and mortar retail store, an online superstore, A wide variety of training opportunities delivered by highly experienced and qualified instructors from shooting leagues, youth and women’s program to gunsmithing and archery services. We focus on delivering the highest level services in a welcoming family type environment. You will quickly feel at home out here and with our focus on safety you will be comfortable in our ranges. Contact us today at 740-668-2194 or


Concealed Carry Course: April 28th

Vehicle Defensive Handgun: May 2nd

Introduction to Dynamic Shooting: May 18th

**This course will offer an entry-level introduction to the world of competitive shooting disciplines, focusing on safety, foundational skills, techniques, and strategies required to excel in dynamic shooting competitions.

Adult & Child Self Defense Class: May 25th
In just a couple hours, YOU & YOUR child will engage in:

                                                              - Understanding who can pose a threat.

                                                              - Learning effective responses to potential threats.

                                                              - Understanding what actions to avoid and the reasons behind them.

                                                              - Physical techniques to defend against adult attackers.

                                                              - Verbalization skills in threatening situations.

                                                              - Techniques for preventing abduction, both on foot and in vehicles.

                                                              - Role-playing scenarios to reinforce learning and build confidence.

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