Elite Preparedness Tactical Pistol Course

Our Tactical Pistol Course is a progressive class based off of handgun and tactical shooting fundamentals. This four-hour course takes the shooter through multiple scenarios from fundamental application to use of cover and concealment, reloading techniques, close quarters tactics, shooting from multiple positions and staging your self and your environment for tactical advantages. This is a 4 hour course and will require 200 rounds of ammunition and a strong side hip holster. Students must wear appropriate clothing for shooting from multiple positions in an outdoor range.

Cost: $80 non members,  $35 members

Next Class: March 14th

*Class begins at 10:00 am

To reserve your spot go to the menu at the top of this page, click on BOOK ONLINE and follow the steps to reserve your spot.  Or you can call us at 740-668-2194 or email us at: elitepreparedness@gmail.com

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