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Elite Preparedness Steel Match Series




Steel matches are a timed competition where shooters must engage static steel targets ending on the designated plate called the stop plate. Each competitor will shoot 5 strings of the same course of fire, 4 out of 5 strings will be kept added together to make your score for that stage (the slowest time is thrown out). We will follow the SCSA Competition Rules (Steel Challenge Shooting Association). The rule book can be found at . Please review the rule book prior to start of League.


Equipment Requirements


Handgun capable of firing a minimum of five rounds. (semi-automatic handguns recommended) (NO MAGNUMS) (NO CALIBERS OVER .45).  A holster that can be secured at the hip. (must have either holster or range bag/box to transport firearms to & from shooting area). A minimum of 3 magazines or speed loaders for revolvers. Safety glasses and hearing protection.  You supply your own ammunition. (NO STEEL CORE/JACKETED AMMUNITION).

Cost: $100 for the league or $15 per night

To sign up or for more infocontact Elite Preparedness at 740-668-2194 or email at

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