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 The Elite Preparedness CCW course is our most popular training delivery. Our course exceeds the minimum requirements to obtain your Ohio CCW license. This 8 hour course covers Ohio Law, Basic handgun Fundamentals, Introduction to Handgun Tactics and Range training. Our focus is on educating you in a safe, relaxed environment and our Instructors have the unmatched experience to make sure you leave this course more comfortable and competent with a handgun. We offer this course twice monthly and if you have a private group of 5 or more we will schedule it at your convenience. We also have the ability to deliver this course at your location for an additional fee. Course cost is $80 for non-members and $35 for members.


We will have a working lunch so as to be as efficient with your time as possible. There is a refrigerator and microwave access if needed and you can eat at your leisure during the course.

Required items for the course include a handgun and fifty (50) rounds of ammunition. Eye and ear protection. ( prescription glasses are sufficient for eye protection) sunglasses must be of the wrap around variety or a type that covers the eye area sufficiently. A strong side hip holster will be necessary for the range portion of the course and loaner holsters are available (if you are utilizing a loaner holster please be certain to wear a belt the day of he course) You must have supportive shoes preferably boots ,at any rate no opened toed shoes, low-cut or sleeveless shirts are permitted on the range for safety reasons.

Loaner firearms are available for $5 and you can order your ammunition through me or purchase it in the store if you need to. If you are using a loaner firearm you will need to purchase or bring with you 9mm ammunition. Eye and ear protection are also available at no charge if you need to borrow those items. Please notify me in advance of any items you will need to purchase or borrow for the course.

Cost: $80 non members $35 members

*Class begins at 10:00 am

To reserve your spot go to the menu at the top of this page, click on BOOK ONLINE and follow the steps to reserve your spot.  Or you can call us at 740-668-2194 or email us at:

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