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                                                         SCHOOL SAFETY TEAM



     House Bill 99 permits a school district board or governing body to elect to arm specific staff members. House Bill 99 also mandates training requirements for those individuals. The Ohio School Safety Center has set out the guidelines for the required initial and annual requalification training. The current model curricula is called, Armed School Staff Essential Training ( ASSET ). The Asset program is comprised of two core training programs, the initial 24 hour certification course and annual, 8 hour requalification course.


     The Elite Preparedness School Safety Team Development Program has been approved by the State of Ohio to deliver the ASSET 24 hour initial certification course and the 8 hour requalification course. The approval of our program means that we can train your armed staff and certify them to carry in compliance with Ohio Law.

     If arming staff is not an approach that you anticipate your district supporting, We offer a comprehensive catalog of training courses to assess and improve the safety of your staff, students and visitors that do not involve the use of firearms but are still meeting many of the 14 training modules identified by the Ohio School Safety Center and listed in ORC 5502.703 as topics for instruction and training. These courses can be selected by the district based on the areas in which they want to focus their safety training and resources.

     We customize all of our trainings to meet the unique needs of all client districts. Many of our courses and training sessions have been provided as part of Professional Development days. We have also had success with districts in developing year-long training programs that include a series of classes ( some at your location and some at our facilities ). A program designed like this also enables the district to establish a college workshop course and their teachers can earn college credit toward their license renewal. This format allows for those teachers that are interested in the training to take it and the school does not have to dedicate in service days to training. All programs offer CEU certificates citing the section of ORC and module trained on.

      Please know that we are more than willing to discuss our programs with you, your governing body and community to explain the importance of a safety program and our training leadership team includes current school administrators, resource officers, current law enforcement officers and government contractors that bring unparalleled experience in this field to make sure your engagement with us far exceeds your expectations and the operation of your district is made safer and more efficient.

Let's Work Together

 Elite Preparedness sets the standard for the development, Implementation, and sustainability of your School Districts Armed and Unarmed Safety Team. Through the processes detailed below we provide you with the planning and training to create an efficient and competent team within your District

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