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We are fortunate to have a staff of professionals that are passionate about preparedness and take pride in their work. You can be certain that you will receive training that exceeds your expectations and ensures your safety regardless of your experience or skill level.


Brian Hess


Brian is a native of central Ohio with extensive work history in the hazards preparedness industry, including:
•Large event security (i.e. NASCAR and The Super Bowl)
•Central Intelligence Agency Officer
•Federal Law Enforcement Officer
•Federal, State and Local law enforcement, corrections, homeland security and emergency management career experience
Throughout his career, Brian has been called to respond to a variety of significant events; from Hurricane Katrina to Super Storm Sandy, the Virginia Tech Shooting, the USDA Avian Flu response, and The Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse. Brian has worked on escaped prisoner searches, homicide investigations, missing persons’ searches, rescue and recovery events and multiple environmental incidents spanning from small oil/gas leaks to the Deep Water Horizon recovery operations.
In addition to his many certifications and achievements, Brian successfully grew an emergency management service line from a concept to a profitable, $16 Million business. He is also supported in this venture by his wife who is an accomplished educator, fitness instructor, personal trainer, life coach, and has grown her passion for health and wellness into a successful business

Bill Edgar

Product testing and Business Development

Bill is a partner with us on our MAC3 CLP and leads our organizational development with private sector ranges and retail locations. Bill is a military veteran and Ohio native who prides himself in developing and maintaining key relationships across the preparedness spectrum.


Bill Smith

Range Safety Officer \ Assistant Instructor

Bill is a competitive 3 gun shooter and accomplished marksman. Bill leads our 3 Gun league and coordinates our veterans outreach programs. While in the store or range you could see Bill doing one on one training, giving advice on long range and pistol tactics and products or assisting with an AR build. Bill is a long time friend of the Elite family and joined the staff shortly after we opened and is passionate about sharing the shooting sports side of the industry.

Dave McCullough

Operations Manager

 Dave has been an avid hunter his entire life.  He has several years experience with a variety of weaponry with a special interest in revolvers.  He is an NRA qualified Range Safety Officer. Dave Runs our daily store and raneg operations and is most likely to be the first smiling face you see at Elite


Craig Feeney

Firearms Instructor/Program Coordinator

Craig has served in the law enforcement field for 25 years.  Craig has been a member of and is currently a team leader on the local tactical response units.  He is an ASP Baton and Handcuffing Certified Instructor, as well as a Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor. Craig is also a Certified NRA Pistol Instructor.

Craig has been involved with designing a church safety program course for situations/threats that churches and members may be subjected to. His experience and skill set are a core part of both our civilian and law enforcement course development and implementation.

Cinton Kanuckel

Clint started with Elite in 2019 and has grown in his role to become a Range Safety officer, Event Coordinator and co instructor on multiple courses. Clint is an avid outdoorsman and also competes nationally in 3-gun competition.

Clint is in the process of completing his gunsmithing and Armorer certifications

Jason Jones_edited.jpg

Jason Jones

Protector Agent/ Business Advisor

Jason came to elite after sending his wife to us for training in 2019 His passion for all things preparedness and his work ethic made him a perfect fit to join the Elite family. A succesful entrprenuer in his own right, Jason advises us on business partnerships and strategic growth along with being a key member of the Protector Division at Elite Preparedness  

Ian Lashley_edited.jpg

Bryant Staats


Protection Services Agent/ Firearms Instructor

Bryant (BT) Has multiple combat deployments and brings real world, tested tactics to his trainings and is one of our Protective Services Division Lead staff. 


 BT is a native of Central Ohio and his competitive drive has been contagious to all of his clients. He is known for his attention to detail on security operations and his willingness to share his expertise in a relaxed client friendly instruction method.


Chad Lupher

Instructor/Competitions Coordinator

Chad is from Frazeysburg , Ohio and has a very experienced background in firearms. Chads first experience with firearms was at a young age, hunting with his father.  After many years of hunting, he was introduced to the world of competitive shooting where he has competed in the discipline of 3 gun for 5 years now.


At Elite Preparedness you can find Chad planning, directing, and competing in our competitions. Inside you will find him building/working on firearms and instructing shooters 1 on 1 or in group lessons.


Chad is a certified Range Safety Officer, NRA Pistol Instructor, and licensed AR-15/M-16 armorer.

Rich Miller_edited.jpg

Rich Miller

Protector Qualifying Agent/ Instructor

Rich Brings A lifetime of experience and leadership to Elite Preparedness. From leading SWAT teams and detective divisions to training the USMC and serving as a school resource officer. His intelligence and professionalism bring a level of quality and integrity to everything he supports us with at Elite. His positive attitude and can do approach make every challenge an "easy day" 

D Lashley_edited.jpg

David Lashley

Protector Agent/ Instructor

David brings unmatched experience as a practiotioner and intstructor in martial arts/ self-defense and security. A lifetime dedicated to his craft resulting in four black belts and countless proteges. We cant say enough about how much David brings to the table in his efforts with Elite Preparedness. David initially partenered with us in our school and church safety team development programs and has grown in his role to support us in numerous training and devlopment programs.

Ian Lashley

Protector Instructor/ Business Partner

Ian has brought his dedication to self-defense and fitness instruction to Elite as a strategic business partner and Protector Instructor. Accomplished as an entreprenuer in the martial arts and fintess training business world he has been a perfect fit to the Elite family and has taken the lead role on many service lines.

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